About Me


I’m Shannon, a mama of two gorgeous girls, a pilot wifey to my handsome husband, a photographer, retoucher, content creator, yogi and all round life enthusiast. I’m originally from Suriname 🇸🇷, and I’m now living down in sunny (but sometimes rainy) South Florida.

I take photos of just about everything (but I really love newborns: dehaasphoto.com) and I delight in sharing my love for life and my family with everyone.

Loving Lemons is the perfect description of how I am choosing to live my life, loving the lemons out of it! Anyone can tell you, that life isn’t all cashmere and cupcakes (although, I wish it could be), it’s got it’s sour lemons, but I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy both good and bad, learning lessons from both. I hope I can inspire you too, to enjoy life from both sides of the coin!